Fun Hen Night Ideas – Beach Party!

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If you’re looking for a fun hen night idea, you could try organising your very own beach party. You don’t need to be by the sea side, as you can recreate the atmosphere and surroundings fairly cheaply, and with minimum effort! You can buy sand pits and paddling pools in lots of kids shops or online, depending on your budget, venue and how big you want to go! Continue reading “Fun Hen Night Ideas – Beach Party!” »

Hen Night Trip Ideas – Festivals.

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If you’re having a summer wedding and want to go somewhere a bit different, you could think about donning your wellies, packing your tent and heading to one of the UKs most awesome festivals.
Formerly known as the Carling Weekend, there is far more to these festivals than the music. Featuring late night dance tents, comedy from all over the world as well as some of the most eclectic line ups in Europe, Leeds/Reading has pretty much everything you could want from a festival. Tickets vary in price, depending on what kind of facilities you want, and there are various packages available, some of which include travel. Bear in mind though, tickets have been known to sell out fast, so make sure you get in there early.
Download is the UKs biggest dedicated rock music festival and draws hundreds of thousands of people to the tiny village of Donnington every year. Again, as well as its music stages, Download also has attractions such as a fun fair, extensive market stalls, and a whole host of other things you can do should the bands not be to your liking. There are also a whole range of accommodation options available to you if you dont fancy spending the weekend in a tent including the brand new "Download Metal Hotel" which features an en suite wetroom, 2 beds and a flat screen TV! You want more luxury? The luxury bus package which features, amongst other things, its own hot tub!
From its humble roots as a tiny DIY festival in the founders field, Glastonbury has risen to become an absolute British institution. From the biggest names in rock and pop to poetry readings, folk, art and alternative healing, Glastonbury has almost everything you could imagine in an other-worldly setting. It is one of the UKs most expensive festivals however, and sells out VERY quickly, so get your name down as soon as you can.
The UKs premier dance music festival, Creamfields attracts dance music fans from all over the country every year. Known for its fantastic atmosphere and world renowned DJs, Creamfields is a fantastic festival if you want to spend you hen weekend dancing your feet off, partying hard and coming home with memories to last a life time.

Cool Hen Night Ideas

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Some hen night ideas are, well, tacky really, aren’t they? But if you are looking for a cool hen night idea, why not go for a rock n roll or women in rock theme, and spend your last night of freedom rocking out with the best of them. If you go for this theme then you can make it pretty general, encouraging your guests to dress up from their favourite era or genre; think punk, glam, grunge and heavy metal for some really iconic looks or come as your favourite rock star; Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Sioux, Patti Smith, Courtney Love, Joan Jett to name but a few. You can even award prizes for the best dressed!
As far as entertainment is concerned, this largely depends on how much money you are willing to spend. If you really want to push the boat out, you could hire a venue and put a band on for the night - this works especially well if you happen to have friends in bands who will play for free - or you could have a night in playing Guitar Hero, necking your Jack Daniels and becoming a rock star yourself for the evening. You may decide that there is a gig on that you particularly want to go to, or just make yourself an amazing playlist full of your favourite rockin’ tunes.
If you’re hiring a venue for the evening, instead of catering you could ask for a rider, complete with anything you can think of! Feel free to use your imagination - riders are notoriously outrageous by nature!
When making up the invitations, try creating some laminated "back stage passes" that give all the essential information, and on the night you could even think about getting some wrist bands made up that will show everyone you’re all part of the same group! These will also provide everyone with a fantastic memento of this classic party.

Hen Night Party Games

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It can sometimes be difficult to keep everyone entertained at hen parties, especially if not everyone is totally familiar with each other. Luckily, there are some great hen party games you can play to get the party started.
Charades Everybody knows this game, and its perfect if you happen to have people in attendance who would frown upon the traditional hen night layout - in-laws, for example. You can spice things up though, obviously. Instead of using the typical film/book/TV show format, why not use sexual positions to make things just that bit naughtier.
Poker You could think about inviting all your friends over for a poker night. Just root out that old deck of playing cards you know you have lying around somewhere, get some drinks and crisps and be prepared to win - or part with - some cash.
Wii In the last few years there’s been a massive surge in popularity of this type of games console at parties. If you have one, why not challenge your friends to one of their sporting challenges or a dance off. Hours of fun and simple to operate for those who may not have used one before.
Drinking games Goes without saying really, but if you’re ready to let things get totally out of hand, try playing some drinking games. I have never, ride the bus and ring of fire are all great places to start
Board Games If you’re planning a particularly low key or tame event, then you could always bring out some board games to keep everyone entertained. For team games, try Pictionary, Articulate and Balderdash. If your group is quite small, you could pit your wits against each other with Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble.
Fluffy Bunnies Really simple, but absolutely hilarious. Buy a big bag of marshmallows and get each member of the group to put one at a time in their mouths, after each one, they must say "fluffy bunnies". The winner is the person who can fit the most in.
The Digestive game Each person is given a digestive biscuit and has to make the shape of a penis using nothing but their mouth. Sounds easier than it is, believe me!

Hen Party Menu Ideas – American Diner

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If you’re planning on throwing a dinner party for your hen night but want to do something different and aren’t sure where to start, here is a handy hen night menu idea, based on the ultimate retro American Diner experience.
STARTERS You might want to keep things simple for starters, as American diner food is...hearty, to say the least. Here are some ideas to get you started:
BBQ Wings or Ribs.
Loaded potato skins with cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives. If you want to make this veggie, you can always use mushrooms instead of bacon!
Crab cakes with chilli sauce - not exactly your typical diner fare, but delicious and unmistakably American nonetheless. Get your crab meat from your local fishmonger to ensure you get the ultimate freshness and taste.
MAINS Serve with chunky chips and salad for the ultimate diner experience
Chicken Burgers - sounds simple enough but there are loads of things you can do to make things a bit different: Try seasoning your burger with tandoori spices for an Indian twist, or jerk sauce for a taste of the Caribbean, or you could just add mayo, lettuce, bacon and cheese if you don’t want to break with tradition.
Beef burgers - Synonymous with the American diner, start with a good quality burger and add whatever you love most; try bacon, cheese, garlic mayo, onion rings, BBQ sauce, blue cheese, jalapeño peppers, red onion...its really up to you!
Veggie Burgers - for any non-meat eaters in the group, make or buy a succulent bean burger and add aubergine, peppers, onion, lettuce, mayo and cheese.
Roast Chicken with chips and coleslaw
Steak - no diner menu would be complete without a good piece of rib eye. Serve with chilli relish, BBQ, Sour cream, or pepper sauce. If you don’t like beef, substitute for lamb.
My favourite part of any meal. The American Diner offers the ultimate in dessert decadence.
Cheesecake with chocolate, toffee, raspberry or passion fruit sauce
Chocolate fudge cake
Banana Split
Sundae - go nuts with this one; try adding chunks of chocolate chunks, brownies and fruit and top with nuts and plenty of whipped cream
Waffles with chocolate, syrup, bananas, nutella, banoffee or anything else you fancy.

Tie your theme together by encouraging everyone to come in fifties style fancy dress, playing a good load of old school rock n roll and making fantastic milkshakes and cocktails!

Cheap Hen Night Ideas

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Lets face it, weddings can be an expensive time for the bride. As she plans the most important day of her life with total precision, it can be difficult then to find the cash to hold a hen night. Luckily, there are plenty cheap hen night ideas, meaning that no one has to miss out on a good party!
House party. Everybody loves a good house party, and this is perfect if you cant spare the expense of going out or away for your hen night. Simply tell everyone the time and your address - if they dont already know it - and wait for them to show up; simple! Ask them all to BYOB and just put out some simple snacks like crisps and maybe make a couple of trays of sandwiches and other traditional party food - if this sounds like too much effort, lots of supermarkets now do party food at discount prices. Make a playlist of songs that will get everyone in the party spirit and just enjoy the company - sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones!
BBQ/Picnic party. If you are planning on holding your hen party in the summer, then having a picnic or BBQ is a wonderful way to celebrate without breaking the bank. Use either your garden or local park and again, get everyone to bring their own meat and alcohol. You could even dig out an old rounders or cricket bat, and have some wonderful games in the sun. Holding the party outside also means you wont have any mess to tidy up the next day or bother about decorations.
Eat Out. Although this sounds like it could end up being a costly affair, there is nothing to say that you couldnt book your favourite restaurant and get everyone to pay for their own meal - but make sure you tell everyone before hand to avoid any nasty surprises.
Disco. Depending on where you live, there are lots of venues that are relatively cheap, village halls and working mens clubs particularly. Ask a friend to DJ for you, or just make playlists and play them through the PA. This will cut down on expense, particularly if there is a bar as each person will have to buy their own booze.

Relaxing Hen Night Ideas – Movie Night

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Sometimes people just want a relaxing hen night, a time to chill with their best friends, have a giggle and reminisce before tying the knot. For a perfect, relaxing night in, why not think about holding a movie night? For invitations you might want to print some "cinema tickets" and send them to your friends, incorporating your theme and anything they should bring with them to make the night complete.
If you want to do something a bit more elaborate than renting or streaming a couple of films and sitting around eating popcorn and drinking wine in your trackies, take one of the following themes and use it as the focal point for your evening.
Hollywood. Hold your very own premier; find yourself a red carpet to lead your friends to your very own cinema. Encourage everyone to dress in their finest clothes and maybe even have someone to greet them and escort them to the door. For snacks, go for sophistication; think about asparagus, pancetta, oysters and champagne. You could even host your very own Oscars, and hand out awards for your friends.
Horror. This would be perfect if you are planning on holding your hen night around Halloween. Decorate the house with cobwebs, skulls and monsters and keep everything dark. Get your friends to dress as their favourite horror movie character and put together some spooky snacks and sweets. Close the curtains and prepare yourselves for a fright!
Chick Flicks. Adorn your house in love hearts and other romantic decorations and encourage everyone to bring their favourite chick flick along with them. Make up a batch of girly cocktails and sweet popcorn and buy in some good wine. Also, make sure you have some tissues at the ready!
Of course, there are thousands of things you could do depending on your personal taste; Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney and James Bond also give you a huge amount of scope in terms of fancy dress, drinks and snack ideas. Use your imagination and go wild!

Different Hen Party Ideas – Barn Dance

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If you’re still looking for inspiration for something to make your hen night extra special and memorable, why not think about a barn dance theme? There has been a bit of a resurgence in the popularity of barn dancing lately, as they are a great, different, way for people of all ages to have fun, and is comparatively organised in terms of activity.
First you will need to find a venue. Obviously, this will have to be big enough to ensure that you have room to get everybody moving but you don’t need any particularly special facilities; generally any night club or village hall will do. There are a number of agencies out there who can provide you with an instructor, but if you know your own moves then you may just decide to lead it yourself, although bear in mind that though this will cut down on expense, you might not find yourself enjoying your own party as much as you could.
Get everyone to dress in suitable attire - cowboy hats and boots are great, as are gingham shirts and just an ordinary pair of jeans. Decorate your venue with typical "Wild West" style artefacts; cactuses, gingham table cloths and picket fencing are great, and you could even scatter some old farming equipment and wagon wheels around.
For food, think Fried chicken, ribs and baked potatoes - all readily available, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious! For afters, think about traditional American desserts like Apple, Pecan or Blueberry pie and ice cream.
The cost will largely depend on how much the venue you decide to hire charge, and whether you decide to hire someone to lead you in your dancing - although this is by no means necessary. The rest of the elements of the night are pretty simple to put together and can be relatively cheap as long as you are prepared to beg, borrow and steal any props you need but don’t already have.

Great Hen Night Ideas – Alice in Wonderland

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I love Alice in Wonderland. Its an absolute classic that is completely embedded in the hearts and minds of the young and young at heart globally. It also lends itself perfectly as a great hen party theme.
Send out invitations to everyone, making sure you tell everyone to come as their favourite Alice in Wonderland character or something suitably crazy. Be sure to include the tag line "Dont be late for a very important date!"
The great thing about an Alice in Wonderland theme is that it gives you the opportunity to go really wild with your imagination. You could either hire out a venue and decorate it or have a tea party in your own home - really its up to you, but you can go nuts with your decorations incorporating all of Carrols wonderful imagery; think playing cards, upside-down flamingos, playing cards, magic mushrooms, flowers and enchanted forests. Lots of hearts, of course, are particularly apt for a hen party.
For food, think simple, traditional tea party fare but make it a little bit different, for example, make everything minature or, if you are really skilled in the kitchen, you could decorate mini cupcakes with images of the characters. You could even try and make some "mock turtle soup"!If you want to put out snacks, Id recommend bowls of sweets like jelly beans with "eat me" labels attached - you could even try and find some of the little foam "mushrooms" you used to get as a child. You could also make up some punch or long island iced tea with "drink me" labels attached, or take things one step further towards the magical realm with mini tea cups of absinthe.
For games, get everyone to sit around a table for the night and sporadically shout "CHANGE PLACES" throughout the evening. This is great, particularly if there are certain members of the group who dont know the rest as they will constantly be sitting next to, and getting to know someone new.

Hen Party Trip Ideas

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If you want to take a trip for your hen weekend that isn’t too far away, and is fun, exciting and doesn’t involve drinking too much and waking up with a raging hangover (although this is still optional) then you could always consider a trip to one of the country’s awesome theme parks.
There are quite a few theme parks throughout the UK which range in size, price and location. Some, inevitably are more expensive than others, but here are a few of the best:
Thorpe Park. Situated just twenty miles outside of London, Thorpe Park is one of Britain’s leading theme parks and has a huge number of sensational rides including the terrifying SAW alive. Thorpe Park do great offers for hen parties too, depending on the size of your group, ranging from £24 - £26.40 per adult for groups of 7 or more if you book online and can also offer you great discounts on hotels and food and drink, making your trip even cheaper!
Alton Towers. Possibly the UK’s premier theme park, Alton Towers is situated right in the heart of the country, making it accessible from all areas. Alton Towers has it all, from fabulous accommodation to thrilling rides as well as its own water park and spa. Prices for theme park entry range from £29.40 when you book online, saving you 30% and giving you the chance to ride early.
The Pleasure Beach. Blackpool has always been an immensely popular hen night destination, and has been an epicentre for tourism in Britain since Victorian times. Featuring the worlds tallest rollercoaster, Blackpool pleasure beach is one of Blackpool’s biggest attractions and a wrist band with unlimited access to the rides will cost £27 for groups of 23 or more, including one free. Whilst in Blackpool, also be sure to check out the legendary, revamped tower and Coral Island or head out to the Sandcastle - the UKs largest indoor water park.
Whichever one you choose, you’re guaranteed to give the bride to be all the thrills and spills she could ask for before embarking on the biggest rollercoaster of them all!